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Atlanta Area Weight Loss Testimonials

"I first came to Dr. Wright looking for guidance to help in my struggle to lose weight. I received much more. Not only did I lose weight, I have confidence and my self esteem has risen much more than I expected. The staff was so kind and I saw that the understanding was true and the concern to help me with with my goals.. I have to admit it was a struggle to get going with exercise and to follow the diet plan. It's a life style change that does work. The changes within me are not only to my benefit, but to those in my life who mean the most to me; Thank you so much Dr. Wright and staff."

“When I began my weight loss at Doctor’s Wellness program, I had tried many diets on my own, only proving that I would fail and fall back into eating whatever I wanted. I reached a point in my life that I just didn't care anymore. I'm only 36 years old and seems had already lost hope of losing weight. A friend introduced me to Doctor’s Wellness Studio. I was very skeptical as I made the appointment. I started the program at the weight of 218 lbs. For the first time, I was shown the principles of proper weight loss. The Physician, the PA, and the staff in general were very helpful and supportive and always available. With their help and sensible program, within three months I was able to lose more than 37 pounds of fat and I am many sizes smaller. I am extremely grateful to this program and am elated to finally have found a program that has me well on my way to my ideal weight.”

Anna Maher

"Doctors Wellness has helped me tremendously in many ways to lose weight and change bad habits. I am more knowledgeable about how important exercise and eating appropriately are as a way of life. You can't lose weight or maintain weight without exercise. I have learned a lot about food, in the sense of how your body breaks it down and uses it for fuel, that you really don't need as much as you think. I have learned to listen to my body about when I am really hungry and when I am full. Just being aware of where I am at on the scale every month helps as well so that if I am up a few pounds up I know that I will have to cut back on some things and exercise a little more the next month to lose the extra pounds. For me, this program is great because they give you the tools and knowledge to get where you want to be, it is just up to you to get there."

Barbara Reynolds

“My name is Carrol Dennery. I gained about 40 pounds, after having my daughter; two years later, I still had not lost any of the weight. I was unhappy with myself and the way I looked. It was almost impossible to find clothing that I liked and looked stylish in my size. I would avoid going to social functions because of this. My personal relationship with my husband was also taking a toll as I became less comfortable to be intimate. My mother was a patient at Doctor’s Wellness Studio. I started my weight loss program there, in January 2012 with a goal of losing at least 50 pounds. At that time I weighed 230 pounds. From the start I was impressed with the dedication I saw in the staff and how comforting they were. That meant a lot to me. I lost 15 pounds in the first month, which encouraged and motivated me to be more devoted to my program. I did not have to do anything extreme. It was all simple and easily manageable lifestyle changes; and the support of the clinic paved the way for my success. I am a totally new person today; I feel great about myself and my marriage has also benefited from this change. Prior to going to Doctor’s Wellness Studio, I had almost given up on losing weight, now I am 55 pounds lighter than when I started and I’m still losing.”

Carrol Dennery

"I just wanted to say that of all the ways I have tried to lose weight this really works. I have been doing this for 6 weeks and I feel so energized and motivated with what I am doing. I am motivated to work out and make good eating choices. On my initial visit, the Doctor spent more than 30 minutes of one on one time with me. During these 6 wks I have lost 22 ½ lbs. I feel great! Thanks so much. I have recommended this program to my friends. It is so easy. I never feel hungry or tired. Everyone should try this program. I am a single mom with 2 children - 10 & 8, and I did great, even with work & my family I am still able to succeed. My family has been so supportive and encourage(s) me at all times. My kids & my mom have made comments to me, that I am happier & have more energy. That in itself makes my heart smile. It is all worth it. The weight loss is an added bonus for me. It is a total life change and not just a diet! Thanks so much for a wonderful program and great staff!”

Susan Staton,
March, 2016

“I took off 25 pounds in 3.5 months, and it has stayed off! Finding out how well I could do for myself was a great gift. I lost and maintained my weight without emotional pain or sense of dissatisfaction. I had observed a family member's weight struggle and eventual successful weight loss at Dr. Wright's office. I had never used any weight loss clinic help before, but having seen someone who had a very effective weight loss, combined with my own struggle, convinced me to make an appointment with Dr Wright's office and I promptly started losing weight; I lost more weight than I had ever been able to do. I was patient – committed to a healthy rate of weight loss – and took off 25 pounds in 3.5 months, and it has stayed off! I can tell you that this method of weight loss has given me tremendous confidence, and I love how I feel.”

Julie Hillman

“A few months ago I hated my body. I couldn’t believe I was at that desperate place again. Then I came across The Wellness Method. Now I’m at my lowest adult body weight ever and have so much energy. I’m also using the techniques I’ve learned to make positive changes in other areas of my life as well. You really can be healthy. I feel amazing."

Simone Chatham
November 18, 2012

My name is Juanita Dermyer. I live in Cedar Bluff, Alabama. I met Dr. Mark Wright at a party in Atlanta, I learned after talking with him that he was in weight control management. I became one of his patients. I was really obese. Under his supervision, I lost 45 pounds in 4 months and have kept it off. I followed his diet and exercise program. The program was really easy. Seeing the pounds go down was a great feeling. I feel great and have lots of energy. Seeing Dr, mark Wright In that Party was one of the best thing that happened to me. This was a great experience. And I a am very pleased.

Juanita Dermyer

“In my mid 40s, I started gaining weight. A year of trying many varieties of weight loss methods, did not prove fruitful. Two attempts at a low carb diet took part of the weight off, but after about 10 months on that diet I started getting sick. I continued to gain weight until I was the heaviest I had been in my whole life. After I started experiencing pain in my feet, I decided that I was going to find someone to help me figure this out. A family member told me about the Doctors Wellness clinic she had used with great success and maintained her weight loss for three years since she had started their program. I have taken off 25 pounds and feel great! The pain in my feet has stopped. I am walking again, 2 miles a day on my days off. The indigestion and heart burn is gone. Now on maintenance, I am learning which foods cause me to gain weight. These foods will be eliminated from my diet permanently. I am eating smaller amounts of food and having a couple servings of dessert weekly. I am so happy with my results at Doctors Wellness and recommend them wholeheartedly!”

Mary Joe Hightower

“I wore a 44" waist pants and now wear 36”. I was on medication to control my blood sugar and two other types of blood pressure medicine. I no longer need to take any medication to control my diabetes, and take a small dose of medication for my blood pressure. I feel great!!! And I no longer snore! I am grateful to Dr. Wright and his team of professionals who helped me lose weight and now are helping me to maintain.”

William Harris, Jr.
April 2013

“My name is Debbie O’Brien and I am 46 years old. I’ve had a weight problem on an off most of my life. As of January 3rd my weight was 224 pounds. My brother Jeff gave me a wonderful gift for Christmas with the Doctors Wellness Studio. I’ve found the most wonderful, kind and understanding person in Dr. Mark Wright. He spent so much time with me talking about the whys of my weight loss and repeated weight gain (the never ending cycle). I now understand more than I ever have about health and nutrition. I now have been on his program for one month and have already lost 19 pounds. I know I have a long way to go, but now I am armed with the many facts about the process and I have so much more confidence that I can reach my goal.”

Sincerely Yours,
Debbie O’Brien
February 3rd 2002

“Since coming to Doctors Wellness Studio, my life has taken a major change for the better. The staff has always been so encouraging, knowledgeable and especially kind. I have lost over 50 pounds in under four months and I feel so much more like myself again. My friends and co workers are constantly commenting on how fast my progress is. Its an amazing, easy, fast weight loss program and the counselors are even more amazing. Thank you Dr. Wright and staff. You are the best!”

Kenneth Townsend
February 2009

“I would like to highly recommend Doctors Wellness to all those who have struggled with weight for any number of years. I learned so much about my eating habits and inner issues, which needed to be addressed. I believe I had an emotional eating problem which was solved through the HCG Protocol. I started at 275 pounds around October of last year. After about 45 days, I had lost almost 35 pounds. I was excited and motivated. My outlook had changed. I wanted to try the protocol again and was able to lose about 15 more pounds. I am now holding steady at 220 almost an entire year later. I don’t feel obligated to eat just because everyone else is, or because I need to feel something. I eat to stay alive and I am able to enjoy it more than I ever knew was possible. My life is forever changed for the better and I feel great. I am very thankful to the thorough and caring Dr. Wright and his staff.”

August 2016

“Dear Dr. Wright:

I wanted to take this opportunity to write you and let you know the impact that you and your staff and services offer to your clients. I, being a very hard headed and stubborn chronic dieter would present for any weight loss program a real challenge.

In the past, I have been with numerous programs with temporary success and the other programs seem to “give up on me.” I have lead a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits to deal with and it is a very difficult and very real battle for me. You and the staff (for the first time in my life) offered me continuous support and encouragement. You have never once talked to me as if I were anything but an equal just trying to get a grip on a problem. You have always been genuinely interested in helping me understand the weight loss process and giving me information that will stay with me for life.

It is very rare in this day and time of the “Almighty Dollar” talking first seat, to find a facility, (especially in health care) that puts forth the effort that your clinic does to help your clients. I, for one, really appreciate it and felt like I needed to let you know.

I have called Jonathon on numerous occasions in frustration and he is very direct and honest and tells me like it is. It is exactly what I needed to hear each time. Nine months ago I was 227 pounds; today I am at I am at 155 and I feel fantastic. Thank you for such great care and services”
March 26, 2007
Sandra Dayton

“My name is Jose Parrish and at 42, I felt like I was 50. I was at least 70 lbs over my recommended weight, which made me decide to find a place to lose weight that didn’t make false promises and use unhealthy methods. One of my co-workers recommended Dr. Wright and the staff at Doctors Wellness Studio. Right from the beginning they met those requirements and more! Losing 46 pounds wasn't an easy journey, but the walk was made easier with all of the help and caring of the personnel and staff. I feel like a million dollars! I have lost 46 pounds in the last six months and I have some more to go. I can confidently say that I have no doubts I can lose the remainder of the excess weight. Thank you for your continued care and guidance.”

Jose Parrish

"A friend told me about Doctors Wellness and the HCG weight loss plan he was using and he was obviously losing weight at a great rate. Even though he was losing weight, somehow, I still felt skeptical. I did start the program after researching HCG weight loss extensively and I am very impressed. I did not feel hungry and I was motivated to stay the course. I lost 20 pounds in the 38 days. I have and will continue to recommend Doctors Wellness clinic to my friends and family."

Lance Peterson

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