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Does Your Beverage Choices Prevent You From Losing Weight?

Craft Beer
What you eat is not the only thing that impacts your weight loss results - what you drink matters as well. People have accidentally sabotaged many weight loss plans with poor beverage choices.
Keep reading for a look at common beverage options and how they can affect your weight loss success.
Coffee and Tea
Coffee and tea themselves are not terrible beverages choices when you want to lose weight. Green tea contains only a few calories per cup and can assist in weight loss, thanks to its high concentration of catechins, which may help increase fat burning. Coffee may also increase the metabolism and speed weight loss.
The problem with these beverages is that people rarely drink them plain. The milk, sugar, and syrups people add to coffee and tea beverages turn them into calorie-dense concoctions that thwart your weight loss efforts.
A caffè latte, even made with non-fat milk, can contain 160 calories or more. A Frappuccino often contains over 400 calories. Plain coffee and tea may have a place in your weight loss plan, but these sugary beverages do not.
Protein Shakes
According to Healthline, most protein shakes contain between 200 and 400 calories. When consumed in place of a meal, they may help keep you full and assist in your weight loss efforts.
However, if you fall into the common habit of consuming one of these shakes before each workout, in addition to your daily meals, you may struggle to lose weight. With the pre-workout shake, you effectively cancel out the calories burned during your workout.
Soda and Diet Soda
Soda is high in calories and devoid of nutrition. The fact that soda is terrible for weight loss is no secret. What may surprise you is that diet soda is not a good choice for weight loss either, according to the Washington Post. Studies have found that those who regularly consume diet beverages have a greater body mass index and a higher risk of heart disease.
How can this be, since diet soda is calorie-free? Researchers are not yet certain, but they theorize that the sweetness of diet beverages tricks your body into thinking you're eating sugar, which alters your metabolism in a way that encourages weight gain. The best way to avoid this effect is to avoid both diet and regular soda.
Juice cleanses, also known as juice fasts, are a common weight loss fad. People do lose weight during these fasts, mostly because they are only drinking 800 or so calories worth of juice each day, according to CBS News.
The problem is that this rapid weight loss is not healthy. You may feel lightheaded and fatigued when consuming only juice, and you're likely to gain the weight right back when you start eating normal food again.
Fruit juice consumed as a part of a balanced diet is not such a good choice either when you try to lose weight. High in sugar, fruit juice can contain as many calories as soda, and this causes your blood sugar to spike, which can make weight loss difficult. Eating whole fruit is a much healthier way to get your nutrients.
Alcoholic Beverages
Since wine, beer, and liquor bottles rarely list calorie content, you may have no idea how many calories you consume when you drink. Even one night a week of moderate drinking can be enough to sabotage your weight loss efforts, especially if you choose more calorie-dense beverages. Look at the average calorie content of some common alcoholic drinks:
  • Lager-style beer: 170 calories per 12 ounces
  • Red and white wine: 160 calories per 5 ounces
  • Hard cider: 150 calories per 12 ounces
  • Whiskey: 104 calories per 1.5 ounces
  • Vodka: 101 calories per 1.5 ounces
If you can't bear the thought of doing without alcohol entirely, then aim for lower-calorie drinks like vodka and club soda.
Pay closer attention to what you drink, and you'll have an easier time losing weight. Reach out to the experts at Doctor's Wellness Studio if you need help developing a safe, customized weight loss plan that will work for you.

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