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7 Dos and Don'ts for Weight Loss

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Successful weight loss takes determination and a lot of forethought. If you've tried unsuccessfully to lose weight, don't give up hope. Here are a few dos and don'ts to help you establish a successful weight loss program.
1. Do Seek Guidance From the Experts
If you are serious about losing weight, you need to formulate an effective plan. Experts at a weight loss clinic have the experience to help you formulate a plan that is tailor-made just for you and your individual needs. The professionals will evaluate you and your current condition. You will receive the right advice and structured program to produce long-term results.
2. Don't Fall Prey to Advertised Weight Loss Gimmicks
Are you frustrated by the various gimmicks that claim fast weight loss results? These gimmicks, often in the form of some magic pill or body cleanse, and detox tricks may not only fail but also pose a risk to your health. Don't take the risk. To sure your weight loss program is a safe one, consult a weight loss specialist and do so under the guidance of your healthcare provider.
3. Do Use the Buddy System
For some individuals, losing weight is easier with the support of a friend. If possible, team up with a buddy or relative who is also dedicated to losing weight. When doing this together, the support you give each other can be very motivational. Plus, exercising with your buddy is a lot more fun than going it alone.
If your friend doesn't need to be on a weight loss program, that's fine. All you need is support and encouragement from a special person who has faith in your ability to succeed. 
4. Don't Skip Breakfast
When you're in a hurry or late for work in the morning, skipping breakfast may seem practical, but it is probably sabotaging your weight loss plan. By depriving yourself of a nutritious breakfast, you may end up binge eating on donuts mid-day or eating a high-calorie lunch at noon. Include enough protein for energy and fiber to fill you up. Also, avoid sugary syrups at breakfast. 
5. Do Establish Proper Portion Control
Your portion sizes can make or break your weight loss plan. To avoid overeating, think portion control. One way to do this is to downsize your plates. Don't use jumbo-sized dinner dishes for your meals. Instead of using a large dinner plate, try using a smaller dish.
Half of your plate should consist of healthy vegetables. Divide the other half of your plate between healthy protein and starch. When you make this routine a habit, it will become second nature.
6. Don't Procrastinate
How many times have you heard someone say, "I'll start my weight loss program tomorrow?" Perhaps you are guilty of procrastinating, too. Don't put off initiating this important step. Make your tomorrow happen today.
To help motivate you to begin right now, think of everything you will achieve. Next, buy yourself a weight loss journal. Write down your weight loss goals and keep a record of your achievements. When you reach a milestone or achieve a goal, reward yourself. Go to a movie, buy yourself a new outfit or enjoy a day at the spa.
7. Do Substitute Ingredients for Your Favorite Foods
You don't need to totally deprive yourself by banishing your favorite foods. Simply make your favorite meals healthier. Use sugar substitutes and canola oil, and rather than using unhealthy butter for frying, use a non-stick fry pan and cook your food dry.
Instead of using whole milk for your cereal, use skim milk or almond milk. Doing so may cut down on calories. Also, instead of using sour cream or mayonnaise for recipes, use low-fat yogurt. There are many ways to save calories and fat, so use your imagination.
Keep this advice in mind for a safe and healthy weight loss program. But before beginning any diet and exercise ritual, consult with a physician.

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